Plugins access a built in pluginloader to add a function under the control of CMSimple.

The following plugins are available from and are compatible with CMSimple-XH.

The plugins are distributed in the hope that they will be useful, WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

NOTE: Development has been discontinued on the zGallery plugin due to incompatibilities with 1.7x series of CMSimple-XH.

Administration Plugin

The admin123 Plugin is intended to be used to display administration access links for file management, help, web site statistics or any resource that is part of a website but is not directly managed by the CMS, when logged into CMSimple.

Download the Aministration Plugin 1.11rc7 - - 9 Kb

add_lb_plus - add lightbox plus

The 'add_lb_plus' plugin was designed to supply the extra features needed by the autoGallery script and adds the following to CMSimple-XH.

Magnific Popup 1.1 - Responsive image lightbox.

Style My Tooltips - Display of styled image titles.

jPages v0.7 - Client side pagination.

It also adds the CSS for the autoGallery script.

When the "add_lb_plus" plugin is installed any link to an image on your website can have that linked image displayed in a lightbox. Any link can also have an enhanced title shown. For displaying a linked image in a lightbox add the class "lightbox" to the image link and to display an enhanced link title add the class "showInfo" to the link.

Download the ad_lb_plus Plugin 1.00rc1 - - 34 Kb

countx Website Visitor Counter Plugin

Simple website visitor counter plugin that can optionally record the following visitor data... Date, IP, Hostname, Browser, URI, Referrer.

The results of the counter in operation can be seen at the bottom of each page on this site.

Note: The data file used to store the optional visitor statistics could grow into a huge file so take care if you enable this function.

Download the countx Counter Plugin 1.00rc6 - - 15 Kb

zGallery Plugin

NOTE: zGallery was written for CMSimple up to version 3.4 and not specifically for CMSimple-XH. It did however, work quite happily in CMSimple-XH up to version 1.6.10. Due to incompatibilities with the CMSimple-XH 1.7x series, development has been discontinued. It will still produce galleries for you, but there are some annoying errors in the admin section.

zGallery is a Plugin for producing a photographic, product or art gallery with automatic album creation and display using a responsive image lightbox.

zGallery manual... zgallery-1-21rc1-help.html

zGallery in Direct Mode - Demonstration

Download the zGallery Plugin 1.21rc1 - - 78 Kb
Updated 28 October 2016

Streaming Media Plugin

Stream audio and video through an embeded Flash media player.  The media player used in this plugin is copyright by JW Player.

As of version 7.0 a fully built version of the player is only available if you have signed up for a JW Player account. This you can do for free.

The source files from which to build your own version can be downloaded from Github...

The use of this 'open' library is governed by a Creative Commons license. You can use, modify, copy, and distribute this edition as long as it's for non-commercial use, you provide attribution, and share under a similar license. The fully built player is now licensed under the following terms...

mp_audio Plugin - Demonstration
mp_video Plugin - Demonstration

Download mp_audio Plugin 1-11rc6 - - 38 Kb
Download mp_video Plugin 1-11rc6 - - 40 Kb

Payment Plugin

Accept donations and online payments for bills, invoices, memberships and so on with this plugin. It can be used for almost any payment that does not have to automatically reoccur... The bpp_pay payment plugin will embed either a donation form, a payment form or a single buy now button into your web page.

To receive Donations - Demonstration
To receive Payments - Demonstration

Download the Payment Plugin 1.11rc6 - - 16 Kb