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About CMSimple

The origins of CMSimple lie in a series of Perl scripts for managing web pages written by Peter Harteg. When he rewrote these scripts using PHP he named the resultant application CMSimple. In 2010 CMSimple became Open Source Software licensed under GPL 3. Versions 3.3 and 3.4 were licensed in this way.

The development of CMSimple_XH began from this code base.

Why Should I Use CMSimple?

Aside from its many inbuilt features CMSimple is...

  • Powerful enough to run most small to medium size sites.
  • The system has a short learning curve and with a basic understanding of HTML, you can successfully use CMSimple to create and maintain a web site's content.
  • Many of the built-in features can be included or removed as required in the template.
  • Any site can be readily indexed by search engines such as Google since the URLs of all generated pages are search engine friendly.
  • Being flat file based, CMSimple needs only PHP to run. With no SQL database being necessary, low cost, shared server, web hosting accounts can be used to host your site.
  • Once installed CMSimple does not need frequent updates to the core software.

CMSimple is a flatfile based Content Management System optimised for speed with quite a few web sites world wide running on it.

Website: www.cmsimple-xh.org

Other CMSimple Versions

CMSimple 4 and up. When Peter Harteg sold the rights to CMSimple and it's domains in 2012, the new owner began development on a version 4 release. This version of CMSimple concentrates on the ability to operate multiple websites from within the one CMS installation.

Website: www.cmsimple.org