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Image Lightboxing

Home Front 1943

When you click on the LHS image it opens a larger image of itself layered on top of the original page.

The lightboxing script used is the Magnific Popup Plugin for jQuery from http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/magnific-popup/.

Magnific Popup is installed by the 'zgallery' plugin for CMSimple.

More... lightbox-images-readme.html

Email Contact Forms

Most contact forms (including the one supplied with this CMS) use the PHP mail() function which works until there are times of heavy traffic when things get clogged and the messages are dropped. This is particularly so with a combination of shared hosting and holidays such as Christmas/New Year. So how do we get reliable email messages from our web-site?

The easiest way to do this is to make use of the old web-browser "mailto" instruction, and a little bit of javascript. Javascript is used to scramble the email address and display a mailto link. Selecting the link opens the viewing device's default email client with the email address entered.

An easy to impliment, cheap, relatively secure and reliable solution.

The best method involves using a form with both client-side and server-side validation together with a script like PHPMailer which sends the content of the form via SMTP to an email account setup on your domain.

This is the method used by this site. Feel free to contact us.


The following example adds a guestbook into a page via an IFRAME generated by the wrap() function.

The icons which come with the script download have been anti-aliased badly and the included template has problems at smaller screen sizes. In this example all the icons as well as the template have been updated.

View the Guestbook.

Web Site Statistcs

A statistics module BBClone can be integtated into CMSimple. BBClone can be thought of as a 'web counter on steroids'.

BBClone Website: www.bbclone.de