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Image Lightboxing

Lightboxing Example

Home Front 1943

When you click on the LHS image it opens a larger image of itself layered on top of the original page.

The lightboxing script used is the Magnific Popup Plugin for jQuery from http://dimsemenov.com/plugins/magnific-popup/.

Magnific Popup is installed by the 'add-lb-plus' (add lightbox plus) plugin for CMSimple.


How tiny can a gallery script get? autoGallery is a tiny 5Kb script that can automatically build a gallery from a folder of images. Add a lightbox and you are away...

Note: autoGallery requires the lightbox and other scripts installed by the 'add-lb-plus' plugin.

autoGallery - Single Gallery Demonstration
autoGallery - Multi Gallery Demonstration

More... gallery-building-with-auto-gallery.html

Download autoGallery... auto-gallery.zip - 10 Kb

Included with the download is 'auto-gallery.php' which is the gallery builder and 'auto-gallery-index.php' which builds an overall gallery index when autoGallery has been used to build multiple galleries.


The following example adds a guestbook into a page via an IFRAME generated by the wrap() function.

The icons which come with the script download have been anti-aliased badly and the included template has problems at smaller screen sizes. In this example all the icons as well as the template have been updated. 

View the Guestbook.

File Manager

For situations when you want more control than the CMS alone can give, a PHP based file manager is a must have...

PHP File Manager
PHP File Manager is based on PHPFM 0.2.3 a file manager written in PHP by Morten Bojsen-Hansen and released under a GNU license. An old one but a good one... Revised Feb 2015

You will find the download location for the PHP File Manager in the scripts section of the website.

File Thingie
File Thingie is a great little file manager that has worked with all web hosts so far installed on.

Filethingie was written by Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen as his first PHP project but is no longer under active development. His personal website can be found at... http://www.solitude.dk/

Download from Github...  https://github.com/leefish/filethingie

Download from cmsimple-cms...
File Thingie 2-57 FULL - filethingie-257.zip - 1.02 Mb

Web Site Statistcs

A statistics module BBClone can be integtated into CMSimple. BBClone can be thought of as a 'web counter on steroids'.

BBClone Website: www.bbclone.de