Template Setup

Note: Templates are for CMSimple-XH.


Configuring the Template

Inside the template folder you will find a file called tpl-conf.ini.php. This file holds the configuration data for the template. You can change the language of any heading to suit your site together with any predefined template links.

You can edit these settings before you upload the template using a text editor such as notepad++ .

Including a Visitor Counter

A visitor counter can be added either by using a plugin or a small script. Neither the counter plugin nor the counter script are included with the template download so it must downloaded separately.

All templates from cmsimple-cms.com have the code necessary for displaying a visitor counter via the countx plugin already embedded in them. To place a counter in any template, you must include the code that activates the counter within the template file using a plain text editor such as notepad++.

See... activating-a-counter-readme.html