Many enhancements can be added to a website by including functions that can only be provided by external scripts...

ccount - Click Counter

Count the number of times a file has been downloaded,or a particular link clicked... This script is used to track downloads from this site.

Note: Compatible with PHP8.


File Manager

A simple to use freeware PHP based independent file-manger.


Guest Book

An easy to setup and use guestbook script with strong anti-spam features. The guestbook is displayed within an IFRAME in CMSimple.

Note: Compatible with PHP8.


Lightbox Script

Lightboxing is a very effective way of displaying larger versions of your images. The Magnific Popup Plugin is a small and fast lightbox javascript that uses the jQuery library.

Magnific Popup is fully responsive mobile friendly lightboxing script available from...

Single File PHP Gallery

For downloads and information on Single File PHP Gallery see...

Site Visitor Counter Script

A very simple website visitor counter. Download... - 1.6 Kb